The new Clearfield County Amateur Radio Club was born at a breakfast meeting on July 29, 2013. CCARC is intended to be the beginning of a new era in local amateur radio. Our desire is to be as transparent as possible with no back room deals and no axes to grind. All persons are kindly asked to leave their politics at the door.

In addition to being a club without politics, CCARC is closely allying itself with the established ARES – RACES program in Clearfield County. CCARC sees public service and EmComm support as two of the essential functions of any amateur radio group. These activities are more than simple photo ops that look slick in the club newsletter. Rather, they are the defining elements of what the amateur radio operators can give back to the local communities.

All amateur radio operators who reside in Clearfield County are invited to join CCARC. On the navigation bar above is a link with information on how you can become a member.